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Welcome to our practice! Whether you are an existing patient or you are currently looking for a new doctor, we hope we can provide you with the care you deserve and expect. We are dedicated to offering the most valuable and unique tests and truly believe in treating the body as a whole. Let us be a part of your health care! We feel strongly that a foundation of nutrition with the integration of judicious use of modern medicine offers the best approach to treating the body as a whole.

Most Insurances Accepted

Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna,
Sierra Health and United Healthcare.

So we can better serve you, please
CONTACT US if your insurance is not listed.

* The above list of providers is not inclusive nor are all plans of the above providers accepted by our office. Please contact our office directly to obtain more information. Thank you.

Refill Policy

We kindly ask that you allow 72 hours for any prescription refills. Please contact your pharmacy and have them call us with a refill request. This is to expedite the process.

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